Friday, January 15, 2016

Klutz Books Review - Coloring Crush and Toolbox Jewelry

Klutz books sent me two things to review.  First of all lets do a bit of a backround on Kllutz. They were founded in 1977 and has been getting kids engaged for years. There are literally thousands of books and products in print. As of today there are more than 175 klutz products in circulation. For those of you who may not know Klutz is an imprint of Scholastic. For more information visit this link.

Now on to this 60 page coloring book! It includes 5 double tipped pencils and intricate prints to color. With it being cold outside this could provide HOURS of entertainment for you or your kiddos.

 The book even describes strokes and ways to fill in the prints with shading, blending and textures. This has great instruction for the beginner. The colors are bright and vibrant and the paper is high quality for kids to color on and even frame the prints for their room. How fun would it be for your child to display their artwork as decorations for their room!

 This fantastic book is SUPER fun and makes cute industrial jewelry.  Toolbox Jewelry provides shiny nuts, star washers, fasteners, cord, satin ribbon, beads, and earring wires to make 10 different projects. This would be great to make presents for valentines day!

The book contains 60 pages of clear, simple instructions, 180+ nuts, washers and fasteners, three colors of cord, earring wires, beads, two colors of ribbon, resealable storage trays, and a slide-out work surface 

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