Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Theatre Box Review

Ok Crazy Lifers I have an AWESOME Review for you.

This is the worlds first commercial PORTABLE wireless speaker that delivers 360 degree 3D sound! This is going to be fantastic! This THEATRE BOX is geared for up to 2,000 sq ft room with no wires, apps, internet or complicated setup. All you have to do is pair it up with Bluetooth to any device (version 4.0) or with an aux-in cable.

In reading the literature The 360 degree sound makes every spot in the room the optimal listening location. The THEATRE Box uses Q3D Holophony. The unit has four 2 inch full range drivers and one 3 inch active bass driver paired with dual core digital audio processing circuits.

The THEATRE BOX is 4.3” x10.3” x 3.3” and is compatible with ios, android, windows and Linux, and Any A2DP enabled blue tooth device.  It runs off an rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with playback time of up to 20 hours.

In looking at their website they even have a leather carry case! How awesome is that!? This can run up to 20 hours when fully charged!

"THEATRE BOX by ACEMILE, is the world's first commercially available portable wireless speaker that delivers a 360-degree virtual 3D surround audio experience to everyone in the room, no matter the orientation to the speaker. THEATRE BOX has no wires and doesn't require any apps, Internet or complicated set-up; simply pair a smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console or TV via Bluetooth v.4.0 and start enjoying 360-degree surround sound. location or "sweet spot."

Now here is Mr. Crazy Lifes input;

The hype behind the Theatre Box is well placed, this thing is awesome!  The speaker arrived in an amazingly crafted box to ensure it's safe arrival and the design of it only added to the excitement.  I have had many home theater systems in the past, but this honestly is the best of the bunch for so many reasons.

First, is the compact size of the speaker.  The box has a total of 5 speakers, in a 10.3 x 3.3 x 4.3 inch package, that create a realistic 360-degree surround sound.  I hooked it up to my tv in about 30 seconds of effort and, because my daughter had the remote, tested it on an episode of My Little Pony.

Later it got a full day of movies and music as a test.  The sound quality, regardless of what was on, was clean, crisp and didn't require me to sit in one spot over another to get the best listening experience.  The fact that is is completely portable and can play up to 20 hours on a charge makes it the perfect speaker to take anywhere.  The pairing with my Bluetooth device was easy and it stayed connected, unlike some systems that loose connection easily.  The speaker offers an extremely unique feature of having a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.  That feature alone makes the speaker perfect for even an office setting.  The control panel, on top of the device, is slick and easy to use.  I like that the control buttons are flush with the surface so it doesn't distract from the overall look.  We received a blue speaker, which makes it a cool statement in the room.  My advice is if you're looking for a home theater system check the Theatre Box out.  The simplicity of the system, the amazing sound and the portability are all A+.  Word is a remote is on the horizon and once that hits you've got the final piece to make this speaker the absolute best home theater on the market at a more than reasonable cost.

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