Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kidpreneur Book review

Kidpreneurs sent me this AWESOME book.
This book teaches our kids basic principles of proper management of money.  My daughter and I read a chapter a day and did the quiz at the end of each chapter. The book was written at kid level while providing valuable information. 

The Toren brothers (Matthew and Adam) are serial entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. They wrote this book to inspire and provide tools and methods for kids to succeed. This has spurred little crazy to start her own business. Their passion to help pass on their knowledge is apparent in this book.
Featured on Best seller, Time, Fox business, CNN,, and WSJ.
The chapters cover every topic in easy to understand language for the kid and resources at the end to help the parent guide their child.
Introduction - What do you want to be when you grow up?
Chapter 1 - How Grown ups earn money
Chapter 2 - Are you an Entrepreneur
Chapter 3 - Getting Started
Chapter 4 - Sample Businesses you can create
Chapter 5 - Money on the internet
Chapter 6 - Green Business and Ethics
Chapter 7 - Networking
Chapter 8 - Giving Back
Chapter 9 - You can do it
Resources and my business plan.

Each chapter has a quiz at the end to cover important points.
Kidpreneurs has some cool stories on their facebook.

Little crazy life and I were very excited to get this book and put it to use. As a result Little Crazy has opened a business of her own and is on Etsy! :) Start up costs were covered by us and she has to pay us back with a portion of her profits.

The cool thing about the authors (Adam and Matthew Toren) is they have researching and teaching techniques by running their own businesses.

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