Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Oil Gear Review

My oil gear sent me this fantastic bundle of glassware. I am SO excited to share it with you.

First of all are these three 10 ml resin roller balls. Aren't they beautiful? These roller balls are great for using in your purse if you tend to lose things. I haven't noticed a huge difference in the resin vs stainless steel other than the material used. These are AMAZING and so cost effective through My Oil Gear.
I have recently fell in love with oils due to Mr Crazy life spilling 175 degree tea down his leg. We immediately used lavender and coconut oil and his leg healed in 7 days. It was remarkable.

The 1/2 dram with black cap and orifice reducer. The only thing I noticed with these is they don't drip out as fast because there isn't an opening to let air in. However these are great for the car, purse or diaper bag. They would be good to refresh a car diffuser.

Next are the 1/4 dram with black cap and orifice reducer. These tiny guys are great if you sell oil and you want to give out a sample. Adorable!

The blue pray bottle with trigger sprayer and 2 amber bottles with pump sprayer are very functional. The spray bottle would be fantastic for homemade sunscreen or bug spray. It holds a lot and sprays well. The pump sprayers are great for homemade face products or perhaps a linen spray.

In getting to test these items they are all great products and affordable prices. For those just getting into oils, those trying to start a business, and even for families! We seem to have our favorite blends and these are fantastic for kids because we know that kids NEVER lose anything, right?

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