Thursday, March 26, 2015

Xbar review and giveaway

Xbar sent me this product for a review. This is quite possibly the most amazing product EVER. Exercise and I have a love/hate relationship. However NOW, its more of love than hate.

First of all my pictures just do NOT do this product justice. You can really see the quality here. The metal piece moves separately from the bar to create smooth movements. I lost my original picture somehow, so I apologize for the cell pictures.

Secondly Xbar I need to add that the shape of the bar allows for women to not have to modify their grip because of their chest. BRILLIANT!!

Now on to Mr. Crazy Lifes review............

My passion for fitness began around 1983 when I took a high school weight lifting class.  Ever since then fitness has been a steady part of my life.  I’ve owned many home gyms, weights, and devices and have read countless books about fitness.  As I get older I find that the philosophy of “less is more” applies to my fitness strategy as well as other aspects of my life.  I accidently found the XBar website and it was a case of love at first sight.  The XBar offered exactly what I needed in a beyond reasonable cost.  From the moment you open the box you’ll notice the quality of the bar, bands and other accessories.  The printed materials are fun to read and the instructional video is fun and motivating.  The XBar website is phenomenal and has everything you would need to completely understand the product and its capabilities.  To that end, I’m going to focus on writing about the many pros of the product and leave the visuals to the team at XBar.  

My review will focus on portability, scalability and versatility. 

First, portability is one of the greatest aspects of the XBar.  Unlike a home gym or heavy weights, the XBar can be used in any room in the house, work, outside, etc with no issue.  Weighing 10 pounds, and with a cinch bag for the bands, the bar can easily be picked up and moved to wherever you want to workout.  Their Facebook page and you’ll see this in action as users upload pictures of all the locations they’re using their XBar. 

For scalability I’m going to focus on the simplicity of adding intensity to the workout.  The 9-piece kit comes with three bands (easy, medium and tough) with built in carabineer clips.   The XBar will work with virtually any brands of bands; however, their bands are definitely high quality.  My wife is using the easy bands and after her total body sets she is wiped out.  I’m using a combination of one, two and sometimes three bands and the workout I get is any bit as tough as my traditional weight lifting routines are.  The unique shape of the bar allows multiple positions per exercise.  For example, a traditional curl can be done from three different hand positions by simply sliding your hands inwards or outwards. 

Is there a more versatile piece of fitness equipment on the market than the XBar?  I would argue that there isn’t.  The XBar is a TOTAL body workout and with over 100 exercises, and counting, it does it all.  The door anchor and cable handles just further increases the options and imagination can just keep adding to your exercise options.    

This product has changed my workout routine, so much so that I have gotten rid of every other fitness item and am solely using XBar.  Not knowing me, that might not mean as much. Ask Mrs Crazy Life who now has back a garage because the ton of exercise equipment is gone.  Check out their website and I bet you’ll leave the site with an order confirmation code in hand.  Thank you XBar for the AWESOME product.  This isn’t as much a review as a fan letter!

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  1. Awesome Review. That Mr Crazy Life knows what he's talking about.