Monday, March 23, 2015

Exo Cricket Bars review and giveaway

Exo sent me 4 bars to try.  Cacao Nut, PB&J, Blueberry Vanilla, and Apple Cinnamon are real food bars full of nutrients. Turns out the creator is a three Michelin star chef!
No Gluten
No Grain
No Soy
No Dairy
No Refined sugar
Did you know that compared to cows….crickets produce 100x less greenhouse gas? Apparently crickets are a complete protein source containing all amino acids and contain more 2.2 times more iron than spinach. Crickets are high in protein and low in saturated fats. The sustainability of this product can have a massive impact. Insects themselves have very little impact on the environment.  According the exo crickets are 20 times more efficient to raise than cattle as far as protein goes. Livestock takes up so much more space and resources and do not reproduce as quickly as insects.  Exo believes that insects are one of the solutions to the protein dilemma.

I offered an office full of guys an option to try a piece of the cocao nut bar. Only 4 tried a piece. One person took 2 more pieces, the other three turned their nose up. I think this is a mind over matter issue. These bars were moist and full of flavor! Even little Crazy Life kept trying to get the biggest piece so she could have more than us. She devoured these and she isn't the easiest one to please.  
Check out the ingredient list
PB&J was my daughters favorite. It tasted just like a childhood favorite. She ripped that one of the counter before I could get a picture of it!
Blueberry Vanilla – Need I say more? SO tasty!

Apple cinnamon – Tastes JUST like pie only better!

Cocoa nut – is JUST like a brownie! It has cocao nibs and nuts for a great crunch.

I just saw their shirts. Hilarious. I would totally rock one of these. I think my favorite is “Crickets are the new Kale”

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  1. I'd love to try the coconut nut first because i am crazy for anything coconut. but, you got me with your description of apple cinnamon " tastes just like pie- only better".. well then, wow. a very close second!