Friday, January 23, 2015

Safe Ringz review and giveaway


 Safe Ringz started in 2010. These are safe alternatives to metal wedding bands. These are safe, non-conductive, heat resistant silicone! These are great for anyone who works with their hands. Now Firemen, electricians, firefighters, mechanics etc can finally wear their wedding rings without fear of getting hurt or caught up on equipment! They are also great for those who experience swelling in the hands such as pregnant women or diabetics.

 Mr Crazy Life weight lifts and rock climbs so these have been an inexpensive option that can get beat up and not ruin his expensive band. Anyone that is into sports, lifts weights, rock climbs or is outdoors will appreciate this. They are an affordable option and not thick at all. Mr Crazy Life doesnt wear this as his band full time, but it is definitely a great option for the times your expensive metal band is not a good idea.
Check out their safety features here.  These bands come in platnum, black, white, gold, antique metallic, and a variety of other colors. You can size your fingers here.
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