Friday, January 23, 2015

Raquelitas Tortillas sandwich petals review and giveaway

Raquelitas sent me some gluten free sandwich petals.
Being gluten free is not an easy task. Gluten is in so many products. Lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, soap, food, drinks etc. When you do find a gluten free product, many times, its full of sugar. Mr Crazy Life  has been gluten free for approximately 4 years now and finding quality products can be difficult AND spendy!

Queue Raquelitas … These babies are so flexible and SO delicious!
Raquelitas also has safeguards against gluten contamination. They segregate all the ingredients away from wheat/gluten products. The Line that these gluten free petals are made on is a dedicated line.  There is 200 feet between the other lines and a solid concrete wall between them. FANTASTIC! They even have their own air supply for the different lines.
I was able to try the Chimayo red chile, agave grain, and spinach garlic. These were all so good.  They have gluten free ancient grains, omega 3’s, high prebiotic fiber, only 100 calories and low glycemic.
I love the fact that they are flexible and tasty. That is so hard to find in a gluten free product. We have made quesadillas and sandwich wraps. I even cut them in half to make two pieces and used them for pulled pork/chicken. Amazing! They held up to every test that we gave it. My daughters most recent attempt to use them is almond butter and a bit of shredded cheese. Sounds odd, but super tasty!

You can order these by the case on amazon. If you are gluten free, diabetic, or atkins I would highly recommend this product. Even if you are not they are delicious and very healthy!
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