Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ReCap lids review and giveaway

ReCAP sent me three lids to review with my own opinion. This was by far one of my favorite products because of the sheer usefullness! I received one wide mouth lid and 2 regular. There are some items that NEED a pour lid on it (chocolate chips). This helps the chocolate chips from falling on your face as you eat them from the jar (just kidding… sort of). This lid could also be of great help so those chocolate chips or bulk yogurt raisins from falling on the floor as they all pile into your hand while you try to shove a bunch quietly into your mouth when your children arent looking. No, I have not done this. EVER. 
 I use mason jars for pretty much EVERYTHING in my house.
Organizing the pantry, the laundry cabinet, Hiding the sundrops (similar to M&M’s), Storing Cupcake wrappers, Coconut oil in the bathroom for oil pulling, Pen holder, Organizing small linen closet essentials, and trying to keep the fridge organized. The recap lid is great to use on a mason jar when I make juice also! One of my favorites is carrot, apple, cucumber, celery and beet. YUM! This is my favorite way to clean out the fridge.

So many uses so little time. How do you reCAP?
 enter now!!!
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  1. I use mason jars in my pantry for dry goods. Love them!

  2. use for raisins & candies, looks good & stores well!