Thursday, September 25, 2014

Baby Box Company burp cloths review and giveaway

These adorable yet simple washcloths and burp clothes from the The baby box co. are extremely soft and even softer once they are wet.  Little Crazy Life is well beyond the diaper stage, but these are super soft and great for the tub even now. She loves how soft they feel on her skin and face. This would be a great baby gift for a friend OR yourself!
These are organic fleece that soak up a lot of moisture. The washcloths are 6"x6" and the burp cloths measure 16"x9".

Another thing I love about these are that they are made in the USA. The baby box co has great pictures on facebook. Check them out. They use soft white fleece fabric that has a color stitching around the edge that makes them a very special gift. These are machine washable so can easily be thrown in with the rest of the laundry.  By using reusable absorbent fleece you can save money and it saves your clothes from baby stains as well.

In Finland the state provides mothers a box filled with items to help with the impending birth of the new baby. This box includes items to cover basic needs, blankets, and clothes. The box itself has a mattress and can serve as a bassinet. What a fantastic idea! This dates back to the mid 1930's and appears to have helped lower the death rates.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a starter kit as a new mom? They have the bed box, the classic box, the nature box, and the everything but the stork box. They include pacifiers, blankets, lovies, burp clothes etc.
Enter for your set here and if you cant wait use the coupon code BABYLOVE15 and you receive 15% off your first purchase at The Baby Box Co.
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