Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kiss Naturals bath fizzy review and giveaway

Kiss Naturals  sent me this bath fizzy kit. This was SO FUN! The packaging said "pink colored" but the content was visibly blue. The measuring cup markings were hard to read so I used a sharpie to mark.
This kit came with witch hazel, secret formula, silicone mold, mixing cup, spatula and natural fragrance. We don’t use scent in our home so this seemed strong to us, however for many this probably wont be an issues.
Very simple steps to follow and easy to mix. When we were putting the mix into the molds we pushed hard and got the majority of the mixture into the molds. The pressure caused the silicone mold to be slightly out of shape.
We waited 12 hours as directed and got half the fizzies from the mold without breakage. I think this may have been either a)not mixed well enouugh or not pressed into the mold well enough. In any case these are great fun for kids and my daughter loves them. It would be nice to have a refill kit for these to purchase.

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