Friday, July 11, 2014

Kinsa SmartPhone thermometer review and givaway

Kinsa Health sent me their smart thermometer. This thermometer connects to your

smart phone and is operated by an app. 
The thermometer itself has a thin flexible portion that has a silver end that senses the temperature.  The middle has a bigger section to hold on to, and the other end has a plug that fits into the headphone jack into your smartphone or adapter. 
This is a great techy product. I really love that it can keep track of all the times and temperatures and keep them stored under the family members name. It is easy to read and great if you have to take your child to the doctor as you have the history on the app.
The setup is super simple and walks you through each step.

The adaptor makes it much easier to take a temperature. However the app sometimes crashes (more frequently than I hoped) however you can email kinsa from the app to report the issue. With kids it’s a bit harder to get their temperature as they are squirmy and don’t sit still.
When you open the app you select the family member, and whether it is oral, under arm or rectal temperatures. One the temperature is taken the app will ask you “are you feeling any of these common symptoms” With faces for chills, fatigue and cough. You then can save the readout or re-take the temperature.
Overall Kinsa is a great product, and the only issues appear to be app related.
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  1. I like that you can pick different family members

  2. Great review. This is something I would definitely like to try. It looks like it would be compatible with the disposable thermometer plastic covers as well. How long does it take to get a reading?

  3. I like that it stores different family members. and that it is iPhone capable.

  4. Fantastic idea! love this product idea!

  5. It only takes 10 secs for a reading! And while you're waiting, the fun graphics on the app will keep your child entertained and free from fidgeting.