Friday, January 18, 2013

First Fitness Friday!

Where I began
Many of my readers might not know this, but when I met Mister Crazy Life. I was overweight by about 65 pounds. My motivation at that time was gall bladder removal after four visits to the emergency room with severe pain. I cut out all the fattening foods and started walking within two weeks of surgery. Within 6 months I had lost 60 pounds. Did I allow myself treats? YES! However I altered how I looked at treats and chose better foods instead of cake, ice cream, brownies and the like.

As a child I was told I was not worthy which is why this video from Drew Canole hit home. You need to have positive self talk. If you tell yourself “I can’t eat that” you have a better chance of feeling restricted and being on a diet. I chose to say “I don’t eat that” because it’s a choice and a lifestyle change. Up until little crazy life made her debut we would walk for an hour every night. As a mom, that is nearly impossible without on billion stops per trip and even more so now that she is nearing 5. So how do you exercise with a little one?

Do you work out with Apps, a friend, or by yourself?  As a working mother who also attends school online, I am having a hard time fitting exercise in. Now that I was laid off from my job, my problem is motivation. How do you motivate yourself?

If you are just getting on the health bandwagon you really need to focus on changing your eating habits and exercise. 
Here are some of the Apps and fitness tools that I have seen recently. My problem is not entering the data into these programs.
Lose it (FitNow. Inc)
Healthy Recipes (Smart Recipes)
Primal Smoothies (leaf Cutter studios)
Body bug

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