Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blami Arts Chalk Markers and Labels

 Blami arts sent me their  pack of chalk markers that came with an eraser, 2 extra reversible tips, and 14 liquid chalk markers.
The marker pack is extremely fun. I haven’t had many colors to experiment with before, but this pack has silver, gold and bronze. SO FUN! I did notice that the silver and gold didn't erase as well, especially on the vinyl chalkboard below. They are gorgeous colors though.
Im looking for online ideas for learning the art of chalk drawings, so If you have any ideas, let me know.  You can erase these with a dry paper towel, the eraser that it comes with, or a wet towel. I find the wet towel is the quickest and cleanest way.

I love chalk markers and I have been wanting chalk labels for quite some time. We store our items in the pantry in mason jars, because I despise bags. Mason jars just look wonderful and organized. My biggest problem is that I can never remember what I put in them when I have multiple types of one item such as flour. These labels have solved that problem!
Blami Arts labels are very easy to use. You simply clean the area you want to apply, write on the label, and slap those babies on! To clean you simply wipe the label off with a damp cloth and reuse.

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