Thursday, October 8, 2015

Marshall Pet Products Review and giveaway

Marshall Pet sent me some awesome stuff for our cat!
The bed bug play area is adorable! We have tucked this gem into a corner for the kitten to play. She isn’t big on playing yet but this was super easy to put together.

There is an opening in the bottom for the animal to snuggle into if they wish, For a kitten I would suggest spraying the play area with cat nip.  The matching ladybug toy vibrates and is so fun!

The enzyme cleaner is wonderful. Our 14 year old cat who recently passed away  used to pee on cement in our garage instead of his litter box. This seeped into the  metal base of the A/C unit corroding it. This product was able to neutralize the odor. Previously the odor would always go into my husband’s office due to it being the first room in the venting pathway. Not anymore!!

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