Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sweet Leaf Stevia Review

Sweet Leaf sent me their water drops in Lemon Lime, Peach, Raspberry Lemonade and strawberry as well as their cookbook! Our oldest tried these and loved them as well. She ended up taking them because she needed inspiration to drink more water.

The flavors are fantastic and you only need a drop in each bottle of water. Water drops are gluten free, sugar free and portable. The ingredients listed are water, Organic Stevia leaf extract, flavor blends and citric acid and come in  2.1 fluid oz squeeze bottles.  You can even mix the flavors to create a custom flavor! Tasty!

Sweet Leaf has many other products and I'm hoping to bring a few more to you. In the comments tell me what you would like me to do a review on. My first choice is their liquid stevia sweet drops in double chocolate, raspberry, coconut, pumpkin spice and  peppermint mocha. They also have smaller bottles in lemon, orange, vanilla crème, and raspberry chocolate. My daughter makes lipbalms, so all of these would be fantastic to create new flavors.  I would also like to try their teas with the strainer straw.

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