Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Heart Felt Dryer Balls

Heart Felt Dryer Balls sent me this set of 4 dryer balls to review with my honest opinion.  

First of all the packaging! Adorable and simple. This would make a great baby gift!
Secondly a few facts.
These are made from densely felted organic New Zealand wool.
-When placed wet laundry they move between the folds breaking up clumps of wet clothes so the hot air can circulate and dry faster.
-The movement of the dryer balls act like a fabric softener (WITH NO CHEMICALS)
-The wool dryer balls absorb moisture reducing dry time by 30-50%.
This saves time and money! 
Check out their instructional video here!  I wish I would have had these when I was doing loads of cloth diapers! These are fantastic. I don't use chemical dryer sheets so these are amazing. I put a couple drops of essential oil on each ball and throw them in. VOILA! Wonderful smelling laundry without the toxic smells and customizable too! I use lavender when drying my daughters blankets for bed since I try to time it for the evening. My clothes I usually use lemongrass, and for hubby something a bit more manly. Here is a video on essential oils with the dryer balls.  I love watching her videos because her accent is ADORABLE! :)

If you have eczema or sensitive skin? Enjoy hypoallergenic, chemical free, naturally softened clothes.

Now enter to win your own set for yourself or as a gift! These are fantastic and I will be ordering more for friends having babies. :)

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  1. I love that they are environmentally friendly.

  2. Favorite feature? All of them! I love that they are less wasteful, better for the environment, chemical free, save energy by cutting drying time and who doesn't love soft clothes?