Saturday, October 4, 2014

Go Macro Bars review and giveaway

Go Macro sent me three bars to sample and give my honest review on.  
I cut all three bars in half to share with the Crazy Life  Family. It was very hard to pick a flavor that we all liked.  Cashew butter and the peanut butter chocolate chip were tied for number one. The Sunny uplift was good, but didn’t seem as much of a “treat” as the other two.

Cherries and berries was the first.  Very tasty with a slight tang of the berries. Delicious
My personal favorite (as well as little crazy life and mr crazy life) was the peanut butter chocolate chip. This is the best combo EVER.

Third was cashew butter. Very mild and extremely tasty. This would be a great choice for picky kids because its pretty mild.
 I love their principles! Veg out (vegan) , Live long (macrobiotic), be well (wholesome), community (give back), and tread lightly (sourced sustainably).
These VERY tasty bars are:
Macrobiotic- well balanced nourishment
Vegan – good for you organic ingredients
Fair trade – sustanable farming techniques
Sourced sustainabley - Packaging – 100% post consumer waste
Gives back – reinvests in their communities, workforce, and the world by donating, educating, environmental responsibility and a devotion to the well being of all living things
“GOMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat”. 
I love this company. They think about how things taste, how its made and if it sustains the environment. This company is family owned and are interested on the impact they make. 
I received three bars that were packaged in a very cool molded puple tray made of 100% post consumer waste. I actually saved this tray because of the information on the flyer. “They can be composted or used as seed starters and planted directly in the ground”.

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