Friday, May 30, 2014

Play love Laugh polish review and giveaway

Play Black heart (cards)Laugh is a natural peelable polish.

The left finger has one coat, the right finger has two coats.

 This polish is natural and has no odor. My daughter loves the two colors we received to try - Sweet purple and blue skies. I must get more colors. These are bright and vivid. I really like that they are safe for anyone to use.

-5-free (nitrocellulose (plastics), glycol, ethers, BPA, camphor, Acetates, acetone, alcohol, FD&C or artificial colors or dyes.

-US made (NY)
-Fruit and vegetable based
-Non-toxic, vegan, gluten free
-quick dry, odorless
-Animal friendly
-FDA Compliant
-Safe for expectant moms, safe for puppies/dogs

After soaking nails in warm water (when polish softens) peel at base of the nail like a sticker.
In showers when exposed to hot steam run nails under cold water for 10 seconds to prevent softening of polish.

This is great fun for the kids because it will not require toxic fingernail polish remover .

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