Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Promax Fit and Crisp Review

Happy Tuesday!
I hope you are well. I have a yummy review for you today.
Promax Fit' N Crisp.

I was sent two Vanilla Marshmallow and two Cinnamon Crunch to review. I was not paid for this review, just sent a few bars to voice my opinion on.

I opened the Vanilla Marshmallow first and my mouth instantly watered. Smelled a bit sweet.

These are very soft and had a texture of homemade Crispy rice treats. The bar itself wasnt sweet at all, but the drizzle had a kick of sweetness for those with a sweet tooth.

They have no artificial sweeteners or colors or high fructose corn syrup/corn sugar. These do have a combo of soy and whey protein as well as canola. So if you are avoiding soy protein, GMO, or canola.. these arent for you.

These 1.36 oz squares of goodness are 140 calories and packed with 13 grams of protein. They only have 8% saturated and 5% total fat. Their other bars are upwards of 300 calories so this is a nice light option.

The majority of their bars are certified Gluten free as well, with the exception of the Crunch.

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