Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of the ZOKU popsicle maker

Summer is here (technically not literally)! What a perfect time for this post as the temperatures begin to rise. Most of us strive to stay cool, but what about healthy? We are examples to our children and we need to set these habits in motion early.

We avoid food dyes and High Fructose corn syrup and were looking for a way to make popsicles HEALTHY. I ran across the Zoku Popsicle Maker.

We use it a couple times a week for little B to make yogurt-sicles. We use Wallaby Yogurt most of the time because its a bit thinner and easier to pour into the mold. We also have a juicer and I have make fresh pineapple mango juice and watermelon lemon with a bit of kale juice... then froze that. However you cannot use carbonated liquids or liquids with sweetener in the mold.

This was by far one of the best purchases of the summer. Two yogurts will make 3 to 4 popsicles. Be careful to fill them up all the way to the fill line or they dont pop out of the mold.

Take a look.

We froze the container 24 hours and poured in our yogurt and added the sticks.

 Wait 12 minutes and took the orange knob and insert into the stick.

Twist knob until the popsicle pops and pull out.

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  1. That looks so awesome.. my kids love fudgesicles so it would be fun to make them homemade.