Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reboot #3

2 toilet overflows,a sink/dishwasher backup later, and a week in a hotel....WE ARE HOME.

We really have no kitchen to speak of since the last overflow took out the cabinets and flooring. FUN TIMES.

I bought Naked juice and only ate one meal a day during this fiasco. I am up about 3 pounds. Our scale may be off since it got flooded in the latest water damage.

Today Day 1 of reboot 3
Total weight loss since Reboot 1 = 10 pounds.
Had mango pear juice for breakfast and about ready to make some mean green... OH how I missed you!

Day 2
down .2 = 10.2 loss total
Yesterday was much tougher than all the other reboots. PMS and having no kitchen = CRAZY. I ate a bite of brownie, and a homemade small ham/cheese croissant from my daughters plate. Hoping today will be better.

Day 3
Down 1 pound - 11.2 loss total

Day 4
Down 1.3 pounds - 12.5 pounds total!!
Yesterday proved tough for me. I did have some carrots and grapes to try to ward off any food, but the Gluten free crackers kept calling my name. Luckily I came to my senses and drank some mean green after a couple.

Day 5
Had a huge salad with no nuts, dairy or dressing yesterday. felt the need to eat. Up 1 pound today, and my juicer wont work. A small plastic tab on the bottom of the pulp container snapped off, so off to the store to exchange.

Day 6/7
my scale shoes me up 5 pounds. Strange. Waiting for my new scale to get here from Amazon. I think its been acting up since our water damage. Will be interesting to see what the new scale says. I ate a salad out with the family yesterday. No dressing, dairy, nuts, cheese, etc. Just spinach, mushrooms, onions, etc.

Day 8
Still up 3.5 pounds from this weekend... total loss to date (according to the wonky scale) 9.5 pounds. Will report back in the morning with my loss according to my new scale that is supposed to get here today!

Day 9
down a total of 14 pounds! I am not sure if its the new scale or the old scale was really that wonky after the water damage! I havent been this weight in a few years. 9.5 pounds to go until goal weight! YEAH BABY!

Day 10
no weight loss. Could be the crackers I "had" to eat. PMS gets me everytime while juicing.

Day 11/12
no weight loss. I think its due to the drop in water that I tend to drink on the weekends. Im drinking a TON of green decaf today. I did cave and had 1/3 of an avacado.

day 13/14
No weight loss. It is most likely due to the fact that i am sick. My 3 year old germ factory got me sicks. Thanks sweetheart. I am not drinking the amount of juice and water I should be. Got myself up and to a restaurant and ordered a salad. I have no energy and I sound like a man man baby. UGH

Day 15
Going back on micronutrient foods for awhile. Bye Bye Reboot. I will still juice the majority of my food. I just cant get enough juice!!

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