Monday, February 15, 2016

Tweexy review and giveaway

The Tweexy is about 5.5 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches. It is a wearable nail polish bottle holder. The grip system allows for nearly any size polish bottle.  I tried all my polish bottles (50 of them) and it holds All Nail Polish Brands that I have.

Tweexy is available in bonbon pink, spa green and sapphire night. This cool product allows you to paint your nails anywhere. I don’t recommend the car though. ;)  

Tweexy is made of 100% soft, flexible silicone rubber. I do like that this keeps your polish close to your hands and that it can catch drips. That’s kind of a cool feature. I'm not sure it was meant for that.  It does not appear stretch out or tear, and has no seams that I can find. This would be really fun in an Easter basket or for Mother’s day!

It is super easy to clean with soap and water. It has flexible rings for two fingers that have little wings. These wings allow for you to either pull open the finger holes, or you can slide the tweexy off like a ring. After you polish one hand you can just lift the tweexy straight up off your hand.

I have noticed that some polish bottles I can actually open one handed while the tweexy is on my other hand. I push down on the bottle a little creating a bit of a grip, and then twist the polish lid.

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